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Class Options

Gym Membership

With your gym membership you can access the following classes

  • Open gym

  • Baby boot camp 

  • Circuit Work It

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Super Set

  • Move and Mobility

  • 50+ Womens Class

You will also receive 20% discount on 1 hour Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions with any 6 month membership. 


  • 10 punch card with 6 month expiry ($145)

  • Drop in session ($20)

  • 12 sessions a month 6 month autopay & renew ($135 a month)

  • 4 sessions a month 6 month autopay & renew ($50 a month)

  • 8 sessions a month 6 month autopay & renew ($100 a month)

  • Couples unlimited 6 month autopay & renew ($250 a month)

  • Unlimited 6 month autopay & renew ($145 a month)


Open Gym

2 hour unguided workout to work on whatever you'd like.

Baby Bootcamp (soon to return)

Baby bootcamp is an hour of going over the importance of pelvic floor exercises. If you've had a baby recently or just want to learn more about strengthening the pelvic floor book in for this class!

Circuit Work It

1 hour class at lunch time to get you moving and increase your energy for the second half of your day, these workouts are guided with an instructor present to modify if needed.

Strength & Conditioning 

The strength & conditioning contains elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio, strength, and flexibility.  Every day is something new and different and is always working towards improving and building a better version of yourself.    

Super Set

Simple circuit style workout by focusing on 2 movements back to back at a time, is more strength based (no pilates) 

Beginner Boot Camp

Beginner Boot Camp is a class designed specifically for any beginner in mind. If you've never been to the gym or if it's been a while, this professionally guided class introduces gentle exercises that will help you rediscover your mind/muscle connection. This is your hour to focus on YOU with on-the-spot modifications to feel success and get your body moving in a safe and encouraging environment!

Move and Mobility

This class is focused on increasing the range of motion of the joints and muscles through breathing techniques and slow progression of stretches. Ease the tenseness and tightness within your muscles with this slow and quiet hour to mentally and physically release the busyness of your week and to prepare for your weekend. Bring your yoga mat and some layers for this class!

50+ Womens Fitness

This class is for women looking to get moving in a safe environment. This class is designed to improve muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility with light weights and body movements. Women's fitness is for women to reconnect with their mind-muscle connection, you've spent lots of your time looking after others... this hour is for you to look after yourself!

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Personal Training 

Get customized 1 on 1 training with a personal trainer. Our trainer will sit down and go over your fitness goals and create a customized workout program to suit your needs.  nervous about covid? With 1 on 1 training only you and your personal trainer will be at the gym during your session following all covid protocols to ensure your safety.  Call to find out more. 

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Teens/Kids Bootcamps

Want your kids to learn fitness through fun? Our kid's bootcamp classes are extremely popular and a great way to get them moving after sitting in a class room all day. If you have a teen wanting to learn how to exercise with the safety and knowledge of a coach then start them in the teen bootcamp.  Our coach will lead them through proper lifting techniques and the importance of not lifting heavy while their bodies are growing.  

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